Different Styles of Designer Sarees for Wedding

Written by Sarha India


Posted on May 20 2022

Wearing designer sarees at weddings is something that has become a huge fashion mandate these days. Though finding good designer sarees for weddings is something that’s a bit of a task since there are so many designers out there. And that’s why to give you an idea of what you can wear for your sister’s, BFF’s, or relative’s wedding, here is a curated list of fancy sarees for a wedding reception that are sure to get you some compliments! If you are a low-maintenance bride with an understated style, you too can wear these fancy sarees for your wedding reception. So, there’s a lot of fancy saree inspiration for everyone below!

Everyday Elegance

They say there’s nothing more beautiful than simplicity! This designer saree for weddings will glam up your complete look. A good saree to start with is one of beautiful gold color with a thick artistic gold border. It is perfect to wear for a bridesmaid or even the bride’s mother. 

Premium Drapes

If you are looking to achieve a glamorous look, then this designer saree for a wedding party is something you should definitely consider giving a try! One that could stand out from the trend is a white designer saree for a wedding reception detailed with heavy silver embroidery and embellishments. It is a chic, modern and stylish way to dress up for a wedding reception. 


A silk saree with beautiful motifs is something that will forever remain a classic choice to wear for any kind of function that calls for traditional attire. A distinct color that’d capture attention is a lovely purple designer saree. It is one such gorgeous option the bride’s mother or the bride herself can choose to wear for the wedding. 


This designer saree for weddings is total bridesmaids material. It is chic, stylish, and modern enough for your besties and cousins to carry with ease and grace! If a mad mix of colors is your choice to stand out and look glamorous, then you can explore a fusion saree with a mix of pink, blue, green and gold along with beautiful floral. 

More styles

Any Saree with embroidery is just too eye-catching for both the bride and bride tribe to wear. You can pep your wedding look to another level with a beautifully vibrant colored saree. One of the most lightweight and easy-to-carry sarees for a wedding party, this one is sure to fetch you a lot of compliments!  And if you are scouting for designer sarees for wedding reception online, then you can begin your search for sarees like this at Sarha!