Top 5 Designer Fusion sarees for women in 2022

Written by Sarha India


Posted on July 15 2022

Are you bored of the same old traditional way of draping your saree? Do you want to dip your toes into new and funkier ways of draping your saree but are concerned about how they would actually look like? Shake things up by combining sarees with western style! The Fusion saree draping style has been trending in festive seasons nowadays due to its unconventional yet traditional look and ease of handling. But for some of us, who are not used to handling a traditional saree often, it is no cakewalk to carry one during our many special events either. Well, fret not as we’re here to unveil the top 5 designer fusion sarees in 2022. 

  1. Pant Style

This style of draping is a favorite for Jeans Lovers, you can also try this style with leggings or jeggings. Pant Sarees are an awesome way for us fashion forwards to rock an ethnic outfit whilst in our most comfortable jeans outfits and walk freely, instead of the troublesome trippy sarees! Many Bollywood Divas have been seen flaunting these Pant style draped sarees effortlessly matching them with a casual accessory like a watch or a simple bracelet and a belt.

  1. Blouse with a twist

This style of draping is fairly unique and bold; it creates an offbeat and casual saree look to wear in the summer. If you are bored of wearing your saree blouse the same traditional way, try a front-tied blouse or a wrap-around crop top, and tie it on top of your saree instead of underneath. It gives a very unique fancy look.

  1. Jacket Saree

This styling is perfect for cooler weather when you want to look gorgeous in a saree but do not want to shiver in the cold! It’s a saree paired with a long overcoat, a blazer, or perhaps a denim jacket too. Well, there is no doubt that any outfit goes well with a jacket to complete it.

  1. Belt Style

A saree accessorized with a western-style leather belt or any studded belt tied around your belly button or above! It’s a style for a dual purpose: to enhance your waist curve so it looks sexier, and to keep the saree and pallu intact. An example is a kamarbandh, which is an ethnic accessory typically worn to enhance the waistline. 

  1. Atypical blouse

How about forgetting blouses and simply pairing your traditional saree with a tee shirt? If you don’t have a proper blouse stitched for any of your saree then you can just take out any crop top or tee shirt and team it up with your saree. An example of this Saree is Jersey Crop Top. Try this awesome fusion saree that turns your troublesome trippy saree into a casual outfit.

Special mentions?

For all the Desi fashion enthusiasts the collection of gorgeous sarees remains a wardrobe staple just the style and silhouettes flaunting them are changing day by day. While a few designers initiate the trends, millions of women around the world decide which style stays. To keep abreast with the top fusion sarees, start here at Sarha.